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among the many aspects that i have learned in a casual way from the snake, just by following them for so long is the presence of cannibalism in green anacondas and in a related cousin that occurs in bolivia. i have learned how often they are wounded by their own prey and other aspects of their natural history, the possibility that they can attack a human being. i have also learned several tricks to work with them such as how to measure, how to wire an anaconda both forced or by surgical implantation on them with minimum distribution of the behavior, among many others.

my ultimate goal is to learn all the secrets of the life history of the animal and get a more firsthand knowledge of it. i have gathered eleven years worth of data catching and processing more than 900 animals and with more than 170 recaptures. i have followed with radio transmitter more than 38 animals, collected more than 100 diet samples, i have also found 51 breeding aggregations and studied the mating, pregnancy and delivery of more than 47 females. with the information gathered i hope to develop a management plan for the conservation of the species and the area in general as well as learning more about the secret life of these fascinating animals.